…the quest for black & annie sloan’s answer

Much ado has been made about the color black and the fact that Annie Sloan does not make a black. She makes Graphite, which looks like what you would find inside a #2 pencil. I am very fond of it and perhaps prefer it to a solid, abyss of a black. Not everyone agrees with me.


Annie Sloan has always been very complimentary of Blue Egg Brown Nest and we recently had an article published together in The Examiner. So, I thought she would be the best person to ask about why she doesn’t have a true black in her collection.


Here is Annie’s response in her own words “Old blacks were not so dark as the modern blacks – just like old whites which were not so bright and clean as modern whites. I also prefer the softness of Graphite in an interior to a stark hard black.”


One of the reasons that I am so fond of ASCP is because it was created by an artist and she maintains the integrity of the product in her color selection. There are many paints used for furniture popping up, but her aesthetic and color creation align with the look that I want to create in my home…and yours!


  1. That explains a lot. Thanks for that info about the old colors.

  2. I totally agree with her answer. I too prefer the soft black. My husband loves deep black so I have used pitch black milkpaint from OFMP. When waxed it looks beautiful, but I still prefer the almost-black.

  3. I’ve wondered that too. I have a few pieces I have been toying with using the chalk paint, but when I saw she didn’t have black I was thinking of using the milk paint. Is there a big difference? Do you have any items with the graphite chalk that I could see finished? The little sample slats don’t give me a good idea of what it really looks like. Teri you mentioned wax. Does this give the milk paint a nice finish that isn’t too shiny? Thank to anyone for the help.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Some folks might prefer soft black, but what about those of us who want DARK BLACK???

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