…the shannon bed

I still have the Betsy Chest and Regina Chairs to write about, but had to laugh this morning as my daughter, Greta, was corralling Owen in the Shannon Bed that is still set up in my kitchen.

She called it “the barn” and fed Owen bits of her turkey sandwich that I had just packed for her lunch.

This is one of the coolest beds ever. It has a curved footboard with double casters with an etched detail and a large half round headboard. It’s a full size.

I can imagine it with a ka-zillion pillows leaning on that headboard, a side table with a steaming cup of Cobbler’s Peach Tea and an orange cat at the foot. I’m so tempted to put it up in my own guestroom.

The Shannon Bed…$500



  1. That bed is just beautiful, double casters? Never seen those! Hope you sell it soon!
    Carol in GA

  2. Christen–I’ve been looking at that bed for a couple weeks now. I really love it and think it will work. Is there any way I can come see it on Friday–or over the weekend? Also–did my sister-in-law come see the chairs? I think they would be perfect for Michelle’s DR and I wanted her to come snatch them quickly. I’d still love Michelle to have a side table for her LR next to her couch and we’ve been too late for two of them so far. I’ll be in the office all day and evening tomorrow, but would be able to set up a time when I get home Thursday afternoon for Friday or any day after. Love your stuff, girl!!

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