…the state of an estate

Got the kids up, dressed, one out the door to school and the 2 others piled in the Volvo. We needed to make a quick stop before ballet class.

A estate sale.

Apparently others in my area had the same idea, but they didn’t have a 3 year old in a very large pink tutu and ballet shoes and a one year old holding 2 sippies and a stuffed elephant in tow.

Fiona looked something like this, but with a big fuzzy hat on.

There was a line and a sign up sheet. I was number 45. As of 45 people waiting and about 10 at a time getting in. Was there some kind of VIP party going on in there?

Well, I wasn’t going to find out until after ballet. We waited 20 minutes in the cold and left empty-handed. We came back to the crowds 2 hours later and my ballerina did an excellent job of distracting the clientele enough for me to buy a few really great pieces:

A marble-top coffee table. Gorgeous!

Matching marble-top end table.

I took rather dark pix of the “before” so as to make the “after” more of a ta-da!

Small wood demi.

I’m going to get cracking on these as soon as I have room to fit them in my garage! We have a full house of furniture in there. I’ll be showing/selling as they are completed.

Get in touch if you are looking for a specific piece or one I’m working!

P.S. I’m so flattered that you all crashed my site Thursday with all the traffic!









  1. I am SO impressed Fiona went BACK to an estate sale. Raise ’em up in the way they should go…

  2. I got to that estate sale as you were leaving! I remember the little girl in the tutu. So cute! I had just been to Stifel and Capra to purchase some ASCP. I’ve already painted my first pieces and just put the first coat of wax on. Thanks so much for introducing Washington Post readers to this paint. I have some big plans! I didn’t pick up any furniture at the sale, but I did find an antique quilt. Yay!

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