…the tyler chest

Like me, Tyler, aka my BIL and the godfather of 2 of my children – is the youngest in the Bensten Family. I too was the youngest in my family. And as we all know us little buggers have “special needs”, including requiring a bit more TLC than the average sibling. You know what I’m talking about:)

I’m having so much fun naming my pieces of furniture. I laugh as a client references “The Christopher Ryan” or “The Sharon Table” because these are my friends & family and it makes me smile to hear others using their names as titles of furniture.

Back to Tyler – as he would appreciate. Tyler wanted to ensure that I write an entire post on his namesake.

A sweet gal named Jennifer had seen it in progress.

Today she came by and bought it for her soon to be home.

This is the revolving wall. What will go there next? Although my MIL’s painting looks stunning on it’s own, yea?

Ahhhh, I have the PERFECT PIECE. Stay tuned for oh so stylish Betsy Chest of Drawers.


P.S. Praying for your family, Jennifer. So nice to chat today!

OPEN HOUSE This Sunday 1-4

The purpose of the open house is:

1. To buy a piece that you’ve seen online and/or pick it up.

2. To drop off a piece that we’ve discussed & I am going to refinish for you.

3. To see the pieces I have in process & discuss pieces that you would like me to find.

Every piece I work on is individual & custom. So I do have some pieces completed in a small showroom in my home as well as some accessories that you are able to buy on site, but it’s not a true retail space. That is hopefully coming in the future 🙂






  1. Start following you after The Washington Post article. Love reading your blog. Come see me!
    Carol in GA

  2. Glad to see you reference the painting on the wall. Your MIL is extremely talented. I would like to contact her if she is selling her work or is represented by a gallery. Can you let me know. Many thanks! Mira


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