…the universal clip board.

I’m working on Reid’s Room now that he’s turning into a big boy. He’s going to be 2 in March and I’ve put away alot of the baby toys, changing table, etc that’s been cluttering his room. I wanted to find some cheap wall decor and came up with an idea.

Wood clip boards. I first order the clip boards from BJs for a tad over a $1 each, including shipping. I was going to clip some old maps or photos to them for the wall decor, but then remember these great ABC cards that my SIL gave to me when he was born. I had not put them up because I didn’t know quite how to do it. Think this is the perfect solution.

I’ve seen the animal version at Land of Nod.

I have a total of 4 now that I was going to hang in a serious on his wall. I think I’d like a few more. I want to cover the majority of the wall near his window and so I will have a total of 8. Just planning on hammering nails into the wall and simply hanging. Well, let’s be honest, I’m going to put it on my DH’s honey-do list to hang this weekend 🙂 He does a better job of the measuring anyway!

I then headed over to Etsy and bough 4 more that are pretty beat up & old looking to put around my desk and clip art projects that the girl’s bring home. I love that they can easily be interchangeable too. I’ll be sure to post pix of how it all turns out!





  1. Kris Brugger says:

    So adorable – what a great idea!

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