…the washington design center

accepted my application.

Now what?

One sunny, February day my MIL took myself, Betsy & Heather (my SILs) to the Design Center to hunt for FR furniture. I was 8 months prego with Reid and spent some time sitting and “testing” out some upholstered chairs. Oh, and tried to look invisible. Slightly intimidating in there.

Not sure how invisible I looked with that belly.

But, this is what I have to show for the visit. Couches with nubby fabric that do not  show juice stains and brass nailhead English roll arm chairs to match. Worth it.

Yes, that is Dora on the TV.

He is the one watching Dora.

I have zero idea how this works. My DH has volunteered to come with me to act as my “high end client”. Oh, little do they know they just let the riff-raff in!

(My DH renovating the bathroom in our first home. That’s a story for another day!)


Blue Egg Brown Nest will be showing at The Luckett’s Spring Market, May 19th & 20th from 10:00 – 5:00.






  1. You ROCK K! Loooovvveee the gumption!
    Hope to see you soon (as I am never there when you come in, am starting to take it personally!


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