…tips for furniture painting in summer

Now that it is getting warm and we are able to paint outdoors, I just wanted to remind you of a few things that I have noticed in my work.


1. Your paint will dry much faster when you are painting in the sun. This is a good thing if you have a lot of work to do. This is a bad thing if you are sloppy and moving too fast. Make sure you check your drips and application.

2. Wax WILL melt. You clear wax will literally melt in the sun. This is a problem. If you are waxing do not leave your piece out in the sun because it will melt and when the sun goes down it will cool where it melted and how it melted. This is why you do not want to clear wax your outdoor pieces.

3. Hot wax. If you are working outdoors or in a garage your wax may be at a higher temperature than indoors or in winter. This can work to your advantage. It will apply much quicker for you and you will have to use less arm mucle to buff the wax into your peices.

4. Dark wax will also go on much smoother and faster so be careful. You need less and want to go slowly if you are using dark wax. You can easily go overboard with hot, dark wax!

5. Dehydration. Did you know that by the time you are thirty you are already technically dehydrated? DH always brings me ice water when I am out painting for hours on the weekend. Be sure you keep your water handy and keep yourself hydrated!

6. Don’t forget to bring your pieces indoors at the end of the day or your painting session. You don’t want the elements getting to them!



  1. Thank you! This is good information to have now that the hotter weather is here. I didn’t know not to wax outside pieces. I would have been very sorry as I plan to paint some patio chairs. It actually makes that job easier! No waxing!

  2. Christen, Thank you so much for these helpful tips. I love the color you painted that beautiful armoire. What color is it? Thanks!

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