…Toledo Drafting Stool

Can we please just talk about his heat, loss of power for 3 days & counting and the fact that I have chewed down all my nails to save from going crazy? Thanks for letting me get that out. If we have a drop off/pick up scheduled this week and there is still no power, please check your email as I will be getting in touch to reschedule. Sorry!

Okay, now I will talk about the new Toledo Drafting Stool that I just found. I don’t always love mid-century, but I am finding a fondness for an industrial piece here and there. Kind of a interesting contrast.

My background is marketing for the Architectural/Interior Design Industry so I have a special affinity for the look. Makes me thinks of renderings, photoshoots and late night deadlines.

I love this possible fore-shadowing.

Hope you all are staying cool! We are off to the pool for the foreseeable future!






  1. Oh I hope you have your power back!! Noooo fun. We loosed it hear all the time and it really drives us nuts as we can not do anything with the cows with no power. It happened again sat night:( Soooo hot and we so need rain. Have a wonderful week!! Enjoy the pool!!!

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