…treasure chest

My faithful client & friend, Christy, emailed me about one of the trunks that I had for sale this week. I told her it was locked and I would have to have my handy DH open it for us to take a peak inside.  IMG_0535

I found it at an estate sale in an old, historic home filled with treasure.

I love bringing home a dresser or chest, looking inside and finding mementos from the people that owned them. It’s like a little window into their time & space. We all huddled around the trunk to take a look inside.


A hand painted, vintage sign and these really interesting old lightbulbs with tiny wire sculptures inside. Anyone know anything about this company? IMG_3196



Crosses, flowers, animals – all fastened inside the delicate glass.



Some rusted clips & a little stamp thing (pad, letters, stamp). Who knows what this is called?


The girls had their own idea of what to use the tools for.



In the past we’ve found old men’s hat, shirts, knick-knacks, paperwork, keys, etc. I have to say, this was the best treasure hunt we’ve had to date!



  1. those lightbulbs are amazing

  2. Sheila Falcuci says:

    I recently found someones wedding cards and congrats on your first babys cards in a bureau drawer. Awesome find!!

  3. Liz Crescioli says:

    What an amazing find! I LOVE those electric flowers. I emailed my friend about them, who is really into unique antique-y things, and will let you know if she knows anything. They’re beautiful!

  4. Peek, not peak. Sorry, it’s the school teacher in me!

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