…treasure indeed

Thank you for all my beloved readers that suggested I find out the value of the artsy lightbulbs that I found in the trunk!



DH did a bit of research on the brand & make and it turns out that they are worth between $250-$400 each to a collector! What?!



I value old pieces for their look & history, but I must say that someone it is nice to hear that these treasures have a bit of monetary value. Lesson: look through your old trunks & drawers.

PS – I will be celebrating 36 years on the planet this weekend and am taking off tomorrow to….sit down. xoxo



  1. Good morning…isn’t it fun finding treasures? Happy Birthday and have a great weekend!

  2. Happy Early Birthday!! 🙂

  3. Christen,

    36? Yep,definitely old enough to be your mother! Have a great day!


  4. I am celebrating 36 years on this planet this weekend myself…September 29th. 🙂 Happy Birthday my triplet (I’m already a twin…haha).

  5. How exciting! You DID find an awesome treasure!
    AND…HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! Thanks for inspiring us every day!


    Debra Hunter
    Cotton: Southern Vintage and Refurbished Goods

  6. ~~HAPPY BRITHDAY~~ Wish I was 36!! Lucky Girl!! Vikki

  7. I found your YouTube videos when I was first learning to chalk paint and just loved them. They are fun to watch and very informative. I just started my own little business this past year and have a booth in an awesome antique/thrift/ and more mall. Once my daughters turned me on to Bloglovin I started following your blog and love it as well. Now my next project is to start my own blog and I took tomorrow off work ( I am an educational technologist for a school) so I could begin creating… And because I will be celebrating my birthday this weekend also. Sp Happy Birthday and thanks so much for always sharing great ideas!!

  8. Happy birthday!!!! Have a seat 😉

  9. Me too!!! Happy Birthday……Enjoy!

  10. Very cool about the light bulbs! So, will you sell or start a collection yourself? I could see them in a beautiful painted(of course!) shadow box.
    Happy birthday!

  11. Have a wonderful birthday (and seat)!!!

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