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My wonderful DH made me an spa appointment for Mother’s Day. As I was sitting in the relaxation room I happened upon an article in the design section of the Post on latticework or treillage, it’s history and it’s reoccuance in design, print, case goods, and fashion. It was invented in the 12th century by French farmers to use to grown & support their vines. Eventually it spread around Europe and became popular not only in the garden, but also on interior walls.

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I know you’ve seen it pop up in fabrics with the lattice print curtain panels & pillows. It became trendy around the same time as the chevron print with bold lines & colors, yet in muted colors it looks very traditional & classy.


The article discussed the use of lattice in the exterior as well as interior, which was a trend in the 19th century in lavish rooms throughout Europe. Now we can see an updated version used in modern-day rooms.




We see the influence in our every day accessories like rugs, upholstered chairs, curtain panels & home accents.



Most garden stools I’ve seen have a lattice design.



Of course, let’s not forget the most well-known lattice structure.



  1. I’m certainly giving lattice another work!

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