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Many of us realize how special a trunk is and now the big shops are catching on. I have been to many an estate sale where I’ve seen stacks of trunks from war veterens and all I can think about is what a story they much have. I NEVER pass up a trunk.



What a perfect surface for a coffee table with so much interest. I’ve had clients buy them from me for toy chests and end of the bed tables. You can always find a use.




Oooo, love how this one was put on some legs to make into a foyer table.


I have to show you how Restoration Hardware is selling theirs for a cool $2,000 +




These ones are a bit too clean and new for me, but I do love that they are being appreciated for their style.

PS – I found out from a reader that my picnic table is actually a German beer garden table –  as in Octoberfest! Makes it even cooler 🙂


  1. Hi Christen. I recently discovered your wonderful blog and work having happened across your youtube video working with Annie Sloan paint. I’m probably the least creative person ever but I’ve decided to try and upcycle some horrible orange varnish pine bedroom furniture (my original plan was to get rid and buy new). My chalk paint arrived, my decorating supplies (much to the amusement of DH) and I will make a start on the smallest pieces (bedside) tables this weekend. ANYWAY, what I wanted to say was I passed a shop yesterday on my way to take my daughter to gymnastics and the had a tonne of old trunks outside. I thought to myself “Christen would love a look around that store, I bet she’d find something to make super-pretty in there”. I might go back and investigate this weekend, I should really wait to see how my current project turns out before I start on the next one but I get the feeling that its a pop-up store. I live in London (I see from you blog that you used to too). Keep up the great work, I love your style and devour your blog when new posts are up. I soooo wished you lived closer, I’d love you to completely overhaul my house!

  2. Great post Cristen. I have always loved trunks and have a trunk vignette in my family room and a stack of traveling trunks under the farm table. At Halloween last year I used an old black trunk on the porch for the Fall season. I think we should host a blog “trunk party” later this summer or maybe early Fall. Don’t you? Have a super sweet weekend. ~ Lynn P.S. I saw you and your wonderful booth at Luckett’s during the Spring Market but you were so busy, I didn’t want to bother you. 🙂

  3. Bonjour Christine.
    I just found your youtube and came over to your blog.
    I always wanted to try chalk paint, but it wasn’t available until recently in Australia.
    I am enjoying your video.
    Thank you, Merci. your home looks so lovely.

    bye for now.
    Julie xx

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