…Tuesday Building Series. Building a home.

So, I told you I’d start at the beginning with Blue Egg’s Building Series and the beginning was buying our very first home 10 years ago (we have since built & moved a few times). It was owned and lived in by the previous owner for 50 years until we got out hands on it. People, this house needed so much work and I’m not kidding when I say we spent every weekend at Home Depot.

This was the scary basement that I didn’t even want to enter. But, DH swore he could finish it….and he did.

Starting with the basement bathroom. I’m talking plumbing and wiring.

What a strapping, young 20-something.

We then quickly moved onto framing the entire basement. Did I marry the right guy or what?!

Have a framing question? My DH is open for questions on Tuesday Building Series Day. Post one and we’ll answer tomorrow!

PS – I have an exciting announcement that I’m going to make on Thursday involving something exciting, beautiful & practical!




  1. Tuesday Building Series Day

    Question for your DH!

    We are framing out a room in our basement to build a media room, but the dilemma is how to frame around a sump pump located in the corner. The room is 15′ wide X 27′ long. The sump pump area is about 27″ inches square, taking up the right hand corner on the 15′ wall. There’s also a piece of pipe that sticks up about 10 inches from the floor. We were thinking of boxing it in and making a closet or corner cabinet, but that seems like it would be a little too large. Any ideas?

    • Hi,

      Good question. The tricky part about sump pumps is that they need to be accessible for replacement or repair should that be needed. Your idea about a cabinet is a very good one. I really don’t think 27”X27” is too large for a corner cabinet in a room that large especially if you need a good place to hide AV gear. You can use it as a good place to tuck away all the electronics that you never want to see. I would also suggest a few things to make sure you don’t end up in a tough spot later. First, I would build the “cabinet” with a removable top. This can be achieved in a number of ways but a simple granite top is probably to easiest and most secure but it can come off. Due to the moisture that typically surrounds a sump pump, I would also make sure that you treat the wood that is used to frame the cabinet. If you do end up putting AV gear in this cabinet, I would make sure you put a water sensor (cheap) under there to make sure you don’t have a sump pump issue damage the equipment.

      If you want any specific help in the design of the cabinet or anything around it, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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