…Tuesday Building Series – Building a House

Love a Tuesday trip down Memory Lane! This was part of the renovation that we did on our very first home 11 years ago. Ah, young newlyweds finishing a basement. My very dear husband, Brent, literally finished this basement from yucky bottom to cozy top. He did all this framing with his very hands. What twenty-something knows how to do that?

I still get nervous looking at those stairs.

Ahhh, nothing like drywall going up to make a space feel like a home. Of course we had to design space for a flatscreen & my bookshelves. Check out all those wires. Yes, that is DH wiring for all the electronics by himself. Where did he learn to do that you may ask? Good question.

Birkenstocks & a paint roller. That was the first 5 years of our marriage. I loved it.

I still remember the name of the paint color we used. Champagne.

I’m not faking it. I was tired. While some couples our age were out dancing & drinking, we worked late into the night.

Cutting, Nailing. All. The. Trim.

What a handsome fellow. Have any questions for Brent-the-Builder? Post to my site and he will answer. I’ll post his reply next Tuesday.


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