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First day of school & I’m a bit weepy and not up to writing. Here’s something beautiful to look at.



Via Pinterest.



  1. Michelle Lepak says:

    My daughters first day of Kindergarten today. I was way more emotional than I thought I would be. The days seem so long, but the years do fly by. I miss having that little one with me all day, now that she isn’t. But, it is a milestone they all have to experience. Hope yours had a great day!

  2. Beautiful, warm and inviting space. Perfect as we look forward to Fall. My oldest grandson started first grade today. It never fails to change my mood when my children and theirs…change paths. Milestones …. So many!

  3. Cherish these days. My boys are 16, 14 & 11. The days and thus years have flown by. I do so miss the days filled with little boys, but to see what they have become and to watch them grow and expand their horizons is like nothing else. Take lots of pictures, record their voices and laughter and drink them in.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I cried while in line at the Pizza Inn buffet today. All because my oldest started kindergarten 2 WEEKS AGO and I still miss him terribly during the day. It wasn’t until I reached out to grab him a plate that I lost it. So hard. And so I cried through lunch and was first in carpool line. You are not alone. 🙂

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