Turkey on the Table

I bought this little guy a few years ago and every time I set him out in November I know he is going to feel the love. My Turkey on the Table is a little piece of decor that has an actual, important job – to display people & things we are grateful for. This little guy allows you write things that you are grateful for on his wings. When you run out of the pretty cardboard paper wings that come in the box you can just use your own construction paper. It’s become a great part of our Thanksgiving tradition.

Turkey on the Table

Right now I’m thankful for this guy… Owen, you never disappoint.

I also bought a gratitude jar from Wisteria. Sadly, it is not as robust as my turkey as the glass broke in my storage closet. But, still an intentional place to write things and people you are grateful for.

Full of Gratitude Jar



  1. Those are two great ideas to show gratitude. Such a nice tradition. Love your cats. They look so content and healthy. Someday maybe you can do a post just on them. I’d be “grateful” if you could recommend what cat food they like. I have 4 cats and am trying to find something healthy that they ALL would like to make feedings easier.

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