I’ve been getting alot of requests to do another YouTube Tutorial. I would be happy to! My question to you all is, what would you like me to demonstrate? Is there a specific aspect of refinishing or design that you want to see?

Let me know and once this snow clears and my kids are back in school I’ll do one.

Thank you for the 982,000+ hits!




  1. Hi Christen…I would love to know how to:
    1. Coordinate chalk paint colors to achieve a certain look and to streamline a type of aesthetic we are trying to achieve, such as Swedish, French, Italian, etc.
    2. Layering of colors….I am so afraid of experimenting with layering colors to achieve certain looks..does the white go first, does the dark go first?
    3. Last…gilding. If I want to apply a little gold gilding, how and where do I apply it so it doesn’t look like I was trying to hard. I don’t know how to be both subtle but yet make a statement.

    Thank you so much Christen….whatever You-tube tutorial you choose to do, I am more than sure it will be awesome!

  2. Christen,
    I have been using chalk paint for about 2 yrs and I was wondering what you do when you come across a piece that the wood wants to bleed through the paint? I have been reading to spray shellac on the piece to seal the old stain in before painting. Have you had this problem and have you ever tried this? Thank you hope to see ya at Lucketts!!


  3. Layering of colors!!

  4. Christen,
    I have been using chalk paint for about 2 years and was wondering what you do if you have a piece that wants to bleed through the paint? I have read to spray shellac over it to seal the old stain prior to painting. Have you ever had this problem and have you ever tried this? Thank you, hope to see you at Lucketts!!


    • Debbie Green says:

      Hi Heidi, I just had that same problem of bleed through on a client’s chairs. I tried Zinsser Shellac primer (as I had read that as well) and it seemed to do the trick.

      Christen, layering of colors! Would love to see that!! Thanks!!
      Debbie 🙂

  5. I would love to see different ways of distressing (other than sanding/dark wax), also tinting clear wax with chalk paint and finally, tips on how to coordinate the chalk painted furniture with a particular wall color (ie: I’m doing my bedroom furniture in Paris grey and old white…and I have no idea what color to paint my walls lol). I’m going for a rustic/shabby chic look. 🙂 Thanks for the tutorials and great tips!!! Love your work!

  6. Lori Vaterlaus says:


  7. I’d love you to cover the many problems that can occur. For instance, recently when doing a second coat on a project i found that the first layer of paint started to ‘ball’ and come off. the first coat was definately dry as it had sat for 2 days before i applied the second coat, what did i do wrong? had watered down the paint before starting the 2nd coat. Covering problems like this would be great.
    Love your blog and so appreciate the help and advise you give.

  8. I enjoy all your tutorials! I agree that layering colors would be helpful. I just started using ASCP about 3 months ago, using primarily Paris Grey and Old White. I painted a dresser in my bedroom Paris grey, and used heavy dark wax because the piece just didn’t sing “this is what I want to be!” but I am really nervous about now going over it with the Old White (I did a beside table this color and LOVE it) because when I distress, the Paris Grey will come through and I am unsure about how that will look to me 🙂

  9. Melody Anguiano says:

    I’d like to see a tutorial on anyof the whites, but close-up! No matter what paint or white I’ve used, I’ve never gotten away with 2 coats (which I always hear “rarely you’ll only use 1 coat, but 2 coats should be good coverage). I’ve always had to do 3 or 4. The reason I’d like it close-up is so I can see if I’m just being too paranoid with making sure every speck of wood is covered, or spreading the paint to thinly…? When you do a white piece, is there wood faintly showing through some parts (not talking about the purposely sanded parts)?

  10. hello! Great idea! I would love to know how to keep from getting brush stroke lines. When I paint large pieces I tend to get the deep brush stroke look. Just because I’m curious can you tell us how much ASCP you go through in a month? Thank you for sharing your talent with us.


  11. Hi. Not sure if my other question about brush strokes was posted, but was just able to see the video you put with this post. My internet was having trouble allowing me to see the video, but now that i have seen it I get that I need to use a bigger brush. That is what i use. I use my big quality ASCP brush. I still get a lot of brush strokes. Maybe I just need practice.


  12. Hi!

    Every time I clean my house I think of you! When you dust your chalk painted furniture do you use furniture polish or simply a damp rag? Can you remove paint from hardware if you don’t like it??


  13. Hi Christen!

    I am new to chalk painting and would like some basic help with coverage, brush strokes showing and how long to wait between coats. Also, in a decorating sense, is it best to pick one favorite ASCP color and stick with that our can one mix colors of painted furniture in a room?

    Thanks from a newbie,

  14. Rose Beckhurst says:

    Different colours in the ascp range and how they look in what rooms ive been using ascp for about a year now but have only used old white ,country grey and paris grey. Like you i love neutrals for my furniture it was your tutorials that made me buy these colours seeing them used instead of a picture makes a big difference. Love your blog hope you post another tutorial soon 🙂

  15. Samantha says:

    I agree with the problems, like brush strokes. I also seem to need more than 2coats. Layering. How to buff the wax correctly, I end up with streaks, most videos show how to apply the wax, and remove the excess, but don’t show how to buff so there aren’t streaks. Maybe it’s me, though.

    Anything you post, I will watch and try!

    • Yes, agree with Samantha. I get wax streaks as well and I buff and buff and buff until arms are falling off lol! Too much wax maybe? Brush strokes, yes I get them with large AS brush, too. Has anyone ever used a small sponge roller to paint on their furniture? I’m considering trying that. After two coats I often feel like piece could use another coat in some spots.

  16. Sharleen says:

    I am brand new to ASCP and have yet to try it. I have a blonde bedroom set from the 1950’s that was my parents’ and want to try this technique on that set. Although I love all the lighter colors you have used in your tutorials, I am thinking of using either the Napoleonic Blue or Graphite. I would love to see a demo showing using the darker colors, particularly how the dark wax affects the darker colors. Thanks!

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