…video short on topcoat

My video short is 15 second so don’t look away! This is just about how darn easy it is to apply this liquid topcoat. Take a look:

Did you catch it? That’s literally how easy it is.

How to use Rust-Oleum Topcoat:

  1. Shake your can and pop it open like any can of AS. It will have the consistency of liquid glue and look like it too.
  2. Use a clean brush like your regular paint brush. I used my Wooster brush that I actually paint with.
  3. Paint on the topcoat as you would any furniture paint. You can use this topcoat on natural wood for a protected surface or on your painted pieces instead of your wax.
  4. It may look a bit white/have white streaks. Allow it to dry.
  5. DONE.

I did not buff or pull out a lint-free cloth. I let my piece dry for about an hour and it was done. I like to let my pieces dry at least overnight as a rule of thumb, but after an hour it was dry. My beautiful knots and marks were still visible.



I know many of you have questions and so I will answer those in the next post. Big fan of this product and how easy it is.



  1. Thank you for the heads up on the Rustoleum topcoat….it may save my neck. Waxing has become progressively more difficult since I have an issue with my neck. I have large pieces I’m working on and this will be a saving grace. Your blog is about being creative and the process of getting there…however that may be…so thank you again.
    I am staying tuned to see what your next find is.

  2. I am about to chalk paint a dining room bench..do you think this would work well as a top coat? I was concerned about waxing something people would be sitting on.

  3. I like this product too! I just used it over a chalk painted china cabinet and it’s beautiful. Just one coat. Done.

  4. I’ve used the AS floor lacquer to seal table tops, but that has a shine to it. Does this product protect like that would, but it’s a matte finish?

  5. Kelly Reed says:

    Hi Christen – love your site! I’ve learned a lot from you….so thank you! I can’t wait to try the Rust-Oleum topcoat on my next project. Although, some of the reviews for the topcoat have been negative. Most all of them are reporting a yellow tint after it has been applied to a chalk painted surface. Would love to get your feedback after you’ve tried it on your painted pieces. Thanks! Kelly R.

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