Vintage Chess Set

I decided it was time to teach my kids chess. And of course I needed to teach them on a cool, vintage chess board. Etsy is the perfect place to shop for things like this.

There are so many beautiful, old chess sets on Etsy! What I found fascinating was that most of them were sold from sellers in Russia or Eastern Europe. Who can explain this to me? I know nothing about the origin of chess. My beauty was shipped from a seller in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I love the board with letters and markings. I wanted a set that was pretty enough that I could leave out all the time. The set is sitting on this really cool shabby table that I found at this year’s Luckett’s Spring Market. It needed a little work to make stable, but the chippy quality makes me so happy. I also found four little stools from Olde Thyme Marketplace to perfectly go with the table.

I have been stunned by the fact that Reid continues to beat me every time and he’s never played before. Must practice.



  1. Naomi S. says:

    That is an especially beautiful chess set, Christen! And the table and stools are perfect! I used to play chess a lot when I was young but haven’t for years. I do have a set with a wooden board and plastic pieces but not nearly as cool as the one you bought. I just can’t find the board, but I know it must be somewhere in my house! Have to look some more. I was never very good at the game but I enjoyed it, so don’t stress about Reid beating you as long as he’s willing to play with you and give you practice!

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