…vintage hip

That is Luckett’s catch phrase and very appropriate. Here are a few treasures that I hunted out during the weekend.

I must say, it was hard to always stay put in my tent when I wanted to go shopping! A few of the vendors around me had a good laugh as I would try to sneak treats in my tent. Of course they were all shopping too!

One of the best vendors, BB Home, was my neighbor and I got to have first pick early Saturday morning. These suitcases were coming home.

I also snagged this amazing old US map. It’s even cooler up close, huh, Fiona?

I changed up my kitchen table with a few architectural elements.

I had probably a dozen people ask me to sell them these 2 wire planters.

A very old & special horse from my new friend at Sophia’s.

A new desk chair since I usually end up sharing mine with Ollie & Owen.

A few more shutters, a large cutting board and a violin case.

I’ve had quite a few people tell me that it’s a bit over-whelming shopping at Luckett’s because they are not sure how to incorporate vintage in their homes. I’ve added this “Shopping Service” under my Design Services. We can meet out at Luckett’s (because you will need your trunk space), shop & pick out things that would work for you together. Sounds fun just thinking about it!

Shopping Service…$100 per trip





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