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Thanks to a beloved readers I discovered that my house was in Vintage Style Magazine this month.



As flattering as it is, it was also rather confusing to me since I had no idea and sadly, I was not credited. No mention of Blue Egg Brown Nest or my site. Disappointing.

So, the way it was explained to me is that when a magazine hires a photographer to come shoot your space the publisher hold the rights to those photos. With these rights they also have the ability to run articles in a compilation article and use their photos as they see fit since they own them. If it were a hour tour with interview I would have been credited.

I’m trying not to get too bogged down by it. Thank you to all of you that were concerned for me in FB and were helping to make sense of it! If you think of any grass-roots way we could get the word out then let me know! xo

PS – My house and Christmas Party from last year will be in next months Romantic Homes Magazine.


  1. Bummer–glad your beautiful home was featured but sorry you didn’t get the right credit.

  2. Cathy Jackman says:

    I am sure how it was explained to you is correct, but that just seems weird that they could use photos of your home and your brand, Blue Egg Brown Nest, however they chose without your permission or knowledge.

    I did a search on FB for the magazine, Vintage Style, and was lead to this page, so at least there is that.

  3. Mari Palmer says:

    wow Christen I’m in shock!! I’m not buying what you were told about the rights of the magazine. Did you know the photographer worked for the magazine? I think the very least would be to give you credit for your amazing gifts of painting and decorating.
    You live and learn huh? Going forward permission won’t come so easily from you I guess?
    Maybe they can print in next months printing a bit about you?

    Whatever we all as your loyal followers can do let us know ok? Petitions – letters to editors etc.


  4. Mari Palmer says:

    Wow Christen I can’t believe it!!! No credit to you for your beautiful gifts of painting and decorating?? I’m in shock!!!

    If there’s anything we can do to help – write letters to editor or petitions or whatever you need to get credit where credit is due!!!

    We love you honey!!

  5. Whether the photographer had the right to use the photos without your permission or not, there is the matter of morality. Obviously morals don’t factor in for these people. Give credit where credit is due. Chin up Buttercup, karma will take care of them.

    Looking forward to buying the December issue of Romantic Homes!!

  6. kathy riddle says:

    the next time a photographer requests to photograph your home then you should have the legal paper work ready to hand them that they sign saying you retain all rights! Why should they hold all the marbles?

  7. Unfortunately, this is how the publishing world works. Regardless of who’s home, possessions, etc., are in the picture; the photographer and the periodical they work for actually own the photos. That is why it is so important to copyright all of your own work. With many of these publishing conglomerates out there, the same pictures can be published over and over again with no recourse. It isn’t fair, but that is how they “do business” so to say. Crap occurs (a nicer way to say s$$$ happens) I hate to say.

  8. So sorry that happened to you! I think a landslide of letters to the editor of this magazine is in order from all of your fans and followers letting them know the amazing woman behind the beautiful home they featured! I see a magazine cover with your face on the cover in the future!

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