Don’t you feel like sometimes in order to get things done you just need to consult NO ONE and just get the ball rolling yourself? I do. There are times when I tell DH to stop being a speed bump. I have a vision and it needs to come to fruition. Well, my need for wallpaper was no exception.

You may have seen wallpaper pop up in the last few years. It is definitely coming back in a big way. I remember when my parents had the dining room wallpapered with big flowers and a navy background. Remember, Guys? It is so hip now that places like Anthropologie is selling reams of paper. And you know if Anthro is selling it I’m all in.

I wanted to start with my powder room. I’ve heard it explained that a powder room can be like a jewel box – you open it up and is is a beauitful, little world. I wanted to play a bit in this space and let myself explore some fancy, daring paper.


I ended up ordering from Graham and Brown out of the UK. They have an amazing selection. It took about 3 months to get my paper and I kind of thought it was never going to come. Finally, 5 rolls arrived at my door. I consulted with a wallpaper specialist who told me how many rolls I would need for him to install.

It took another 3 months for the his team to fit me into their schedule and when he was able to, he called and asked if he could come the next morning. EEEEEEK! I had yet to tell DH that ANY of this was happening! He knew nothing! I had invested in the paper and finally had the installer ready to go….I had to just do it.

So, Monday morning came, DH went to work and 30 minutes later my powder room was being primed. If you have not seen professional wallpapers before, let me tell you that it is a craft. I still have no idea how they did such detailed work, but it involved measuring, a special table.


So cool, right? A part of me wanted to hang out with these guys and watch every step, but I also didn’t want to be an annoying home-owner and get in their way. Instead, I let myself be surprised by the end result. Ta-da!

(I realize the lighting in these images is not the best – hard to capture light in a small space.)







I am so happy that I let myself play and do something bold. It is a small enough space that it works. I must say that I am a bit addicted at this point to paper.

PS – If you are not a professional wallpaper-er you probably do not want to attempt to install it at home. The paper is expensive and you do not want to mess it up and get super frustrated. These installers have worked with paper for like 30 years and it is a serious craft!




  1. Christen,
    You do have a Jewel Box Powder room. Love it. my wife and I have an older home that had 8 rooms wallpapered and 2 more with borders. Several have been removed and walls smoothed and repainted, with the idea if we find wallpaper we love it can be done. The kitchen/dining area, back entry, and laundry room are done with the same coordinated patterns applied differently. The papers are starting to show their age( c1997) and we are looking for a set to redo the rooms. We will call the pros when it is time.
    The Dining Room has a Waverly print that is so well done, we love, and so right for the room it will stay at least next 25 years, if we are still here 🙂

  2. Patti Ueland says:

    Looks sooo beautiful! And of course the mirror is perfect! Enjoy your jewel box!

  3. Beautiful!!

  4. Donna Dell says:

    I used to hang wallpaper professionally. It is not for the faint of heart!

  5. Kimberlee A. says:

    Absolutely love it. Makes me want to hang some wallpaper in my bathroom now.

  6. Nice choice….limiting the colors in your choice of paper helps it all visually.
    You do want to make sur you really LOVE the pattern…wallpaper can be overwhelming…
    or make the room.
    I have done all my own wallpapering in the past. It’s therapy….
    Yes…wallpaper is making a come back. Mostly in small touches…one wall..powder rooms etc. my idea is having the professional in when it’s time to remove it. It’s a nasty job.
    Having a professional hang th paper is a smart way to have the job done fast.
    Your powder room looks beautiful!!

  7. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says:

    Really, really beautfiul, Christen. Elegant, chic, warm, perfect choice. Choosing wallpaper is hard! Merry Christmas with love, Marilyn.

  8. You won’t believe this but the other day I was somewhere and saw a bathroom with wallpaper and I thought hmm…I like that! I have hung and stripped many rooms of wallpaper in my day (80’s) and was glad to finally be rid of it but like everything else, we come full circle and I now I am tired of painting! Love your powder room!

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