…weathered wood look & tutorial.

I think I’ve said this before, but the creative process, like anything else in life, is a roller coaster. Sometimes you are going along at a lovely pace, other times more frantic and then sometimes there is a surprise discovery! Need I mention I hate rollercoasters? This weekend was a fun part of ride as I discovered a new technique offered by Annie Sloan herself in her new book Color Recipes!


Annie was kind enough to send me a copy after we were both featured in The Examiner article together. She is such a lovely, talented lady & a super support to Blue Egg Brown Nest.


Color Recipes is a really inspiring book with loads of ideas. I was so excited to see one technique that I did not know how to achieve. I had purchased pieces from Restoration Hardware with the weathered wood, but had no idea how to do it.



There are a few things you need to achieve this weathered wood look. First, and most importantly, you need Oak wood. This means a wood with texture and grain. It will not work with a completely smooth surface.

Second, you need Old White and a good, soft rag.





Step 1: Apply your Old White with your oval Annie Sloan paint brush lightly in small sections

Step 2. Wait 1 minute (depending on your preference for coverage), take your rag and wipe off paint. Apply pressure based on the coverage that you prefer

Step 3. Dampen your rag and go over the places on your piece that you would like to take off more paint

Step 4. Clear wax

What is important to note is that this is a process and involves really playing as you go. Take moments to step back and see your progress and what is happening with your piece. I even went back after the table sat overnight with my wet cloth to take off paint in places (this was BEFORE I waxed). I would recommend not waxing the piece until you are certain you are happy with the result.

If there are scratches or marks in your pieces as there were in mine, that is OK! It adds to the weathered look and someone who gets it, will get it.

I think the best way to explain this technique is my showing you! Here is a new video on The Weather Wood look! (BTW, don’t judge me, I have no make up on and my hair is wet after a very long week with a husband & his man-cold)

Weather Wood Pedestal Table 4 ft diameter…$450. Email cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com if interested.






  1. Hey Christen,

    Great tutorial! I really like this look and now I can do it myself! What do you mean by “apply pressure”?

    Thanks for taking time off to honor those in Boston. There really are things more important.

  2. Kimberly Roulet says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Christen! After reading your post and watching your video, I was ready to grab my Old White and start painting my stained oak cabinets in two bathrooms and the built in that’s in our media room!!! I gotta SLOW down… I’m curious to know what the finish looked like on the table when you started and to know if you sanded it first. My oak is a warm, goldish stain. I’m wondering if it’s too warm…

  3. Christen….I Love, love, love this old European wood look! Your videos always inspire me! I have a similar oak table just waiting for me to try this technique. I enjoy your videos so much because you talk as if we are sitting right there with you….pets walking by and all! Love it!

  4. Hi Christen,
    Do you have to do anything to open the grain of the wood if it is stained? It looks like this table has a stain on it but I noticed that you didn’t mention doing any prep work before lime washing.

  5. Thanks for this great tutorial. I found your website/blog post as a result of Annie Sloan posting it on her Facebook page (or whoever does her FB page). What a compliment!

  6. Thank you for your tutorials! I watched your “garage” tutorials before getting started with Annie Sloan and they were super helpful 🙂 Now I have friends asking me for advice and I send them directly to your website/tutorials!

    I love this new look and can’t wait to try it out! My question is about dining tables. When you paint the top surface of a dining table that will get a lot of use, do you use A.S. wax or lacquer? Looking for something super durable. Thanks!

  7. Love this look! Thanks for sharing! Really inspiring…I’m definately going to give this a try.

  8. Love your tutorials. They are really helpful. I was watching your tutorial on the wood weathering and noticed you had a dining room table in the background that looks a lot like
    a table at R H that I have been thinking about buying. Is that where you bought it and any idea on how to get THAT look? Keep up the great work.

  9. Claudia says:

    Hey,Cristen,I loved your round table with the white wash.Your work has inspired me big time.Thank you so much for all the tutorials.
    Simplicity French Country and Farmhouse Furnishing Boutique.

  10. Loved you round table, and your no pressure style!

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  12. What does the bible tells us about the carpentry projects Jesus undertook?

  13. Traci Pagell says:

    Hey Christen,

    Loved the video, very cool look. I have been wanting to do the same with my old oak dining table, but have been chicken. The table I have is light oak will it work the same?


  14. I have that table and can’t wait to use that process! I have already begun sanding. Is that going to mess the process up?

  15. I have been wanting that Restoration Hardware look for a long time. Love the table. I have enjoyed watching your video with you in the garage and your beautiful children. Pets too. So cute. Thank you for sharing these techniques and keeping everything real. I am going to purchase the Annie Sloan old white paint with other material this week and get started. Question: the table used in the ” weathered technique” was that sort of a walnut stain prior to starting the process? I have light oak cabinets, sanded.. I am considering staining them walnut then applying the process weeks later. ( I have a cabinet in my garage to test on first so I will play around with technique prior to. ) thanks again. 🙂

  16. To calm your fears you didn’t speak too much in your video. But what a lovely technique. Thank you for sharing. The results speak for themselves and the finished product is certainly a mix of technique and an artist eye.

    The very best to you.

  17. Hi. Watching your video of the whitewashing of e round oak table. Have the same table but mine was finished w a polyurethane sealant atop. Do I need to sand before beginning to apply the white chalk paint?

  18. Hi. Watching your video of the whitewashing of e round oak table. Have the same table but mine was finished w a polyurethane sealant atop. Do I need to sand before beginning to apply the white chalk paint? See others asked but no reply

  19. Rebecca Parker says:

    Hi, This is a great video and you made it so simple. I was wondering if you thought it would work to add a couple of colors. Like a grey or olive. Could you do the same technique. Thanks for your help.

  20. I tried this technique on graphite and I can achieve the look I thought I’d get. I only did this because I painted graphite before I found your blog. Have you don’t his on pained oak?

  21. Did you sand the table first ? I also Like Kimberly have an oak table more a warm golden stain. Thanks for sharing

  22. If there is a clear finish do you need to sand that off first? I’m looking for a taupe white washed finish… weathered look.
    Is the wax just a sealer?


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