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I dropped of 2 kids at school, left 2 with dear Meg and rushed into Starbucks before my doctor’s appointment yesterday. I ran into a super sweet mom, Ashley, and her friend on my way out. As Ashley introduced me, her friend said something to the affect of, “I saw you in the Post” and I said something to the affect of “Thank you. It was exciting.” And she said, “It was this morning.” I said, “WHAT?”

Ashley ran and grabbed a paper from the news corral in Starbucks and we flipped through to see this.


The Washington Post had published the webchat that I had participated in last Thursday! That was my bedroom, my paint & my words!

The webchat was live on the Post website & lasted for an hour. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed answering all the questions that came in! I even had a few anonymous family & friends that asked questions. I responded not knowing who they were – minus the ones that gave me a clue like “Bloj” and “BIL”.

Thank you Post for a fantastically surprising Thursday!

P.S. A fresh batch of furniture is coming in this weekend. Keep an eye on out my website: www.blueeggbrownnest.com

I also have a few new pieces in the “shop” section.






  1. Erandi Salgado says:

    I LOVE the furniture pieces you have been picking!!! Adorable!!!

  2. Alright now CELEBRITY!
    You GO gurl!

  3. paige thomas king says:

    Congrats on the the article in the Post. I’m a stockist in TN, visiting my family here in Fairfax/Manassas–what a great things to be able to show them your article while visiting! Best wishes for continued success.

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