…”what happened?”

Luxury Plush Slippers. Sumptuously soft, luxuriously warm yet lightweight, our plush slippers offer enveloping comfort.

Like the rest of the planet, I wear my beloved Uggs on all my errands outside of the house. But, when I am inside my comfy nest I like to feel differently. I don’t want to feel like I’m walking to the bus stop or running into preschool or the grocery store or CVS or the mall. I don’t want a sole on my slippers because that feels like I’m going to work. I want something soft. Finding sole-less slippers are very difficult now-adays so I was super excited to see these “Luxury Plush Slippers” being sold at Restoration Hardware. They were thin, fluffy and best of all no rubber on the bottom!


The holidays have been absolutely nuts for me as I’m sure they have been for you as well. I woke up one Sunday morning, snuck into the Christmas “wrapping room” and opened my little treat – the slippers. When I put them on I noticed they were really slick on the bottom. Really slick. To the touch they almost feel like satin. Hmmm. I just need to break them in a bit. How could something so soft and lux be bad? I started down the stairs, last night’s water glass in hand and the rest was a blur.

My feet slipped quickly out from under me, the back of my head slammed to the edge of the top wood step and I began the quick and painful roll down the rest of the 8  wood steps. I landed with a crash, feeling only a ripping pain in my skull. I put my hand to the place of pain to find that there was about a 4 foot indension. I then noticed the drips of black blood pouring through my fingers and down to the landing. Brent and all the kids came to my faint call and we proceeded to somehow get into the car, kids to the neighbors, cloth to my head, car through the snow to the emergency room for the second time this month.

They rushed me in and due to my panicking immediately gave me pain meds and a Xanex. What did this pain mean? How badly was I broken? Could they fix me? I lay curled into a fetal position and willing let the nurses and doctors care for me. I let go.

It took me a week to begin to realize the extent to which I had suffered. A fractured scapula, a broken rub, a concussion, contussion to my skull that now had staples to fuse it, the largest and blackest bruises I have ever seen on myself in the mirror. My body was broken. It took another full week to be able to drive and even that was not a good idea due to the dizziness and the perpetual brink of nausea that I was feeling.

Christmas came and went and I managed. I am still dizzy, can’t think totally straight with this constant dull ache in my head, looking down is difficult, sleeping near impossible and I am still not able to move my left pain without crying out or wincing. The bruises have disolved back into skin. I start my round of doctor’s next week including the neurologist and orthopedist next week.

I’m still not sure I have really landed from the fall. I’m not sure how it all happened or why it happened or when the pain will leave. It makes me sad. It makes me scared. It makes me think about what I want to do with my time. It makes me want to sit still on the couch with my kids. It makes me want to stay inside and try to read a book if the words ever stop bouncing. It makes me want to do only a few things a day instead of a million. It makes me want to never wear slippers again for darn sure.

You need to know how much I appreciate all your prayers & thoughts. Pain is real. Life is hard. We all deserve peace & comfort; kindness from strangers & family. In our own ways we do not want to stop until we can feel a bit of relief. Sometimes that is with painting or lying on a new pillow. Sometimes it’s with entertaining friends. Sometimes it’s with baking or creating something beautiful with our hands and giving it away. Or taking a walk with our kids, petting an orange cat. It won’t be perfect and it won’t last, but it will be warm moments strung together, helping us move forward.

Wishing you love & peace right now, this day.





  1. Sounds like a traumatic brain injury to me. You need sleep to heal the brain. My GS has been dealing with this for 15 months. He was injured in wrestling practice. They live in McLean.
    Really tough thing you are dealing with….. take care.

  2. Wow Christen. That sounds like a horrible fall and very traumatic. Wishing and praying for your pain to ease and your body to heal. Rest, relax and rejuvenate your soul. Take time for you!

  3. Goodness sakes! Prays on the way Christen for a speedy recovery!

  4. I am just so sorry to hear that you had this terrible accident! My house is full of stairs and I have slipped down the wooden steps that lead to our basement/garage area before and it caused so much pain that I had to go to the ER to be x-rayed to make sure nothing was broken. I ended up fine and it was extremely painful, so I can’t even imagine what you’ve been going through! Those darn stairs!!! I was wearing socks at the time, so slick surfaces with wooden stairs do not mix! I’m extra careful now as I’m sure you are now too. I wish you a speedy recovery and lots of TLC and rest with your family during these holidays.

  5. Oh my gosh! I’m with Stevii! My son, too, was knocked out in a wrestling match. The concussion symptoms lasted for months, his grades suffered, and no more wrestling that year. Grades this past semester were stellar! You will heal, just like he did! YEAH! Then just LAST NIGHT he came home early from a three day dirt biking trip with another severe concussion. Once you get one it is easier to get another. Your brain is SO fragile! The neurologist said no reading, TV, computer or anything else like that…rest the brain! Same for me when my horse flipped over on me. Symptoms for 3 months. Gone now. You, too, will heal!! Please, please rest. Close your eyes and rest your brain. It’s difficult with 3 small children, but recruit help!! You absolutely need to rest. Be a queen and let people wait on you. You are special and this will pass. I’m so sorry to hear this happened because I know how much you love to be busy creating and doing things with your children. Please don’t push yourself too fast!

    Praying for you!

  6. Diane Robinson says:

    May Jesus hold you in the palm of His hand as you heal. I am so sorry this happened to you. May you feel our love, dear one.
    Praying for sunshine after the storm,

  7. First off, Christen, I hope your husband reads these comments to you rather than you attempting to read. Your experience is honestly my worst nightmare. It is truly a miracle that you are already as healed as you are, willing yourself to be able to even be posting right now. Know that you are being thought of, prayed for, and wished well for a full recovery. Allowing others to help may end up being the hardest part of your healing process. RH needs to know just how dangerous the product is and take them off their market. I hope your husband or other advocate will fight that battle for you and inform RH. I don’t know the details of the other troubles you were having prior to this accident, but I have had you in my thoughts for a positive outcome. Rest well, my blog friend.

  8. OMG!! Thank God Your Alive!! I Wish I Lived Nearby! I Could Be Of Help To You!! I Don’t Even Want To About The Pain You Had!! Vikki Carbonari aka hikchik

  9. Christen,

    Sending you healing, happy thoughts!! 1 wk ago, I had a slipper mishap on my wooden stairs carrying laundry. The bruises are still painful but no where near your injuries!!
    Hope you are BACK soon!! Take good care. ALL the best in the new year,

  10. you poor girl! Amen you are on your way to recovery. We all seem to come together during a time when we all need each other. Sending you love and prayers. Yes, take this time to just be. Take care and don’t rush back to your daily hustle and bustle. Ill be praying for you.


  11. Brenda Bijak says:

    I am so so sorry to hear you are hurting. The body is designed to heal, some instances slower than others, some more painful than others. But your “brokeness” will heal, and I am not just talking about bones. Emotionally you have been through a lot. In a way it is exciting to see how these unfortunate “things” are changing your life. God is at work, yes he is. Maybe not what you had planned, but goodness and strength will come from all of this. I am praying for your healing and emotional well being. I miss your daily posts so much!!! Rest, and heal. I can’t wait to see where this is leading, growing, and changing you!!! Be well, and remember there are so many people YOU are reaching!!! Lots and lots of love and gentle hugs.

  12. Somebody is watching for you in heaven, take care and just enjoy your time with family, Rest and remember that GOD loves you.

  13. I am so sorry to hear about your horrible fall and injuries. I pray that you will heal quickly and completely. You are a beautiful inspiration not only through your design but also in your heart. It shows in what you write and how you decorate. It does feed the soul. Sending prayers and blessings your way!!

  14. We pray for you and hope you can heal quickly. It may definitely be worth a consult with a personal injury attorney regarding the slippers. We are sorry you have to deal with this.

  15. My heart sank as I was reading thru your post. You really hurt yourself and I pray that you have a speedy and recovery back to health. Be patient and make sure you get rest. You went through a lot and you need rest in order to heal properly. Please rest and don’t rush it.

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  16. Lois Wylde says:

    My dear girl what a traumatic experience. I can feel your pain and am sending prayers along for a speedy recovery.

  17. Oh dear, so sorry to hear this. Wishing you all the best in your recovery. Your words gave me pause; health and time are everything.

  18. bless your heart! I’m so sorry this incident came so soon after your other one…prayers for a speedy recovery and being pain free. hope you are back to your “old self” soon!

  19. Not gett’n any of those!

    So sorry for your hurt. Saying a prayer right now! Take care of yourself. God will send you healing.