…what happens to a mom when there are too many snow days?

She slowly goes crazy and gets so derailed from work, writing, email, exercise, friends, sleep, the no sugar diet thing, and anything else that she was aiming to do like grocery shop. That is where I am this week. And last week.

Let’s look at a beautiful picture to take our minds away from our kids watching another hour of Peppa Pig.


Serenity Now.



  1. Donna Dell says:

    Love this! What the heck is Peppa Pig? Past that stage, my kids are grown. Only grandkids now.

  2. Oh my word, is that a dreamy bedroom or what!?

    Peppa Pig? Not familiar with this, especially since my daughter is 15! Yay!!

    P.S. Actually, I kinda miss those days.

  3. Was wondering what had happened to you! Was just getting ready to email to make sure you were alright!


  4. Pepper Pig is the flavor of the month or should I say the year. (I have a grandies.) Yes it is a dreamy bedroom, although I wouldn’t swap a dreamy bedroom for the hassle we some times have with kids. Take a deep breath and don’t be frightened to let things go when it is wet or snowy. You can get back to normal when the weather becomes fine.
    Big Hugs Kay

  5. Love this post, Christen. Just talking about stressing out when you can’t think of anything to write about and feeling that you have to!! This is a good example and it works. BYW, what or who is Peppa Pig. Last character I knew was SpongeBob Square Pants..Happy Wednesday..and don’t lose heart, they will grow up someday!!..Judy

  6. so understand, I got the sickies here. All I can say at least its not Dora. Gosh that one was so unnerving. Now we have moved to Sofia and shuddering, Disney tween shows. NOW those are soooo bad. Take heart –the sun will shine again. I just praying we aren’t sick till Feb!

  7. We don’t get many snow days in CO, but I totally get it, as we’ve ha a lot of sick days this year – and especially when its right after the holidays, when you so desperately need everyone back on a schedule that has purpose. Here’s to hoping for better weather!

  8. Nakita Doane says:

    Oh I can relate to this post right down to Peppa pig !!!! Love my kiddos but trapped indoors with negative temps , not good for mama !!! Love your blog !!!

  9. Sing it, sister! We’re in the same boat!

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