…what is your favorite color?

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What color makes you feel calm and happy and proud and reflects your personality all at the same time? Start there when thinking of how to decorate for the holidays or on any normal day.

As you know, I like to switch things up in my house. Not because I worry about what others may think, but because I like to play.

Recently I decided to do an arrangment of demijohn bottles on my wood coffee table. They are large, but the color is light and airy. Love the combo. My kids even added to the look with these silver Christmas balls. Not bad, Guys.

IMG_7450 IMG_7460 IMG_7467 IMG_7459 IMG_7458 IMG_7468 IMG_7465 IMG_7464 IMG_7455 IMG_7457 IMG_7476

Yes, the kids may have picked them up and pretended to drink out of them when I first placed them on the coffee table, but after all that these glass objects just blend into the background for them and I don’t have to worry about anything breaking. It is the perfect shade of clear blue and are authentic, antique glass-blown demijohns. You can tell because if there were mass produced there would be a seam or a line down the side. It means something to me to have originals.

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