…what’s going to work?

Teamwork! If you have a child over 2 you know the reference. DH & Blue Egg combined efforts to make an amoire with TV inside for our bedroom.

You may remember the antique amoire that I refinished for our bedroom. The plan was to put our TV in it and thanks to my handy DH there’s one in there!

Found some neutral vintage pieces to go inside to look pretty while I watched Brian Williams.

Oh, I will never tire of those ties, BW.

I know some people frown upon a TV in the bedroom, but Lord, sometimes I just need to get in bed and lock out the world. You know?





  1. Looks great! Agree re: TV. Sometimes I need to watch the Daily Show from my bed. 🙂 My Handy Hubby just finished a built-in in our room to accomodate our TV – hopefully a larger TV eventually.

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