…which came first – the lobster or the chicken?

It seems I may have been wrong about the label I put on my new crate! I was told it was a lobster crate, I bought what was labeled as a lobster crate a few months ago and when I Google “lobster crate” I find pictures of the piece I have!

My ever vigilant Readers insist I have a chicken crate. As much as I wish I was raised on a farm to encounter one myself, I was not.

In my defense, it does look rather short to hold chickens and I still have yet to find an image with chicken actually IN one. That being said, I did find quite a few images of what DIYers have done with said crate.





I concede to the chicken thing, but insist on it’s coolness 🙂


  1. i thought someone out there would let you know. i hate to say it but you don’t want to see the chickens in these or you are sure to become a vegetarian. they use plastic now but there are multiple chickens put in to these crates for shipping and then stack the crates on the truck

  2. It’s just super cool no matter WHAT it is! It could be a mosquito catcher and I would still use it in my decor. Great find!

  3. It’s just super cool no matter WHAT it is! It could be a mosquito catcher and I would still use it in my decor. Great find!

  4. I agree – its cool either way. As a New England girl, I was thinking I had never seen a lobster crate look like that before – but what do I know? Usually lobster crates (referred to as “lobster pots” or ” lobster traps” in NE) have openings on all four sides to let water out and one side with a net to allow the lobster in but not out. A lot of tiny shabby Cape Cod cottages we stayed in when I was a kid used them as the base for a coffee table 🙂

  5. ~~Lobster Chicken~~ There Both Good~~ Vikki

  6. christina larsen says:

    Hi, I found your blog after watching your ASCP videos, thanks for all of your help. I just had a quick question on the color of your dining room chairs. I have a very similar table with 6 chairs and I purchased the Old White paint to re-do them, (chairs not table) however, after painting an end table in the old white I feel it will be too “white”. I was just curious what color you used because I like the look that you achieved. Thanks.

    BTW, chicken crate or lobster; I think it is cool! 🙂

  7. I have a similar one and it definitely was a chicken coop. When I bought it, I also acquired the feathers and the p**p to go along with it. I had a glass top cut for mine and used for a coffee table. Now my daughter has it.

  8. Surely its not tall enough to house chickens but then again, I’m not experienced in either chickens or lobsters … either way its a cool vintage find.

  9. Lisa Hayes says:

    Lobster/ Chicken, whatever !! I still am interested in purchasing the crate/ coop 🙂 How funny

  10. I was raised on a farm (Texas) and this does not look like a “chicken thing.” Baby chicks (peeps) require plastic with bedding so they don’t slip around, and solid sides…no drafts. Older chicks (pullets) can be on wire, and brooders/layers go in regular coops at 8 weeks. Lobsters? I don’t know…I never lived on the East coast, but whatever….I really like it!! Did everyone like the 4H lesson?? LOL:)

  11. I just found a bunch of these antique wooden chicken/lobster crates for sale for $40.00 each!!! I immediately thought of all the cool pics you posted of them and I will be doing my best to buy them all and fix them up! Thanks for the awesome inspiration!!

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