…why i need to paint

Sweet Greta went to the ER this week. I stayed back with Fiona that had strep and tried to remain calm. I cooked, showered, cleaned, knitted, sharpened pencils and finally turned to paint.

Like a breath of air in my tight lungs.

Painting is like meditation for me. It is a soothing rhythm, the soft color changing a surface, coating it and transforming an object into something better. Magic.

The act of painting is a gift that works for me more than medicine, more than tea, more than a fluffy magazine or a nap. God gave me a solution for pain and stress.

Greta came home for an hour and then had to return to the ER and was eventually admitted. Lying in her hospital bed and holding her hand was probably the only relief better than paint.

Greta is all things sweet in the world.



  1. Awe. I hope your lil lady is feeling better!! I know what you mean about painting being therapeutic. When I work on my accessories line, it is very much a huge stress reliever. Maybe something to do with all that postive creative energy!

    Love reading your blog. So many great tips!


  2. Donna Dell says:

    What a doll baby. Nothing hurts us more than a sick child. Praying she is better soon.

  3. You and I have discovered one of the great secrets of life–paint therapy! I’ve tried explaining it to people and they look at me like I’m from another planet. Within a little over a year’s time, three people close to me died: my father died after heart surgery, my brother was murdered, and my boyfriend died of mesothelioma. So I painted furniture, sat on my basement floor mixing tears and chalk paint. It does have a meditative aspect. Last night I learned that a friend of mine died from brain cancer–an incredibly kind and adventurous guy who wasn’t even 50 yet. I’m going to paint today for sure.

    Prayers for your sweet Greta that she is well very soon.

  4. Greta is beautiful. Praying for her recovery and your peace.

  5. hope she’s ok xx

  6. Hope she gets better soon! So much sickness going around, my grandchildren have had the stomach flu several times since January….they are catching this stuff from school…

  7. Donna Chapman says:

    I can so identify with you. When something frustrating, challenging, or scary happens, I start cleaning things I haven’t cleaned in a long time, cooking, purging clutter, and painting or waxing furniture pieces…. Painting eases the mind. Hope Greta, your precious, sweet, adorable blue egg, is healing and back home in your brown nest. Prayers for your blue egg and for you the mother bird.

  8. Poor baby girl. Hope she gets well soon.

  9. Rita Corbett says:

    prayers and healing thoughts for you and Greta….

  10. She is adorable.I remember my 2 little ones,now 23,22. I love to be creative for telaxation. Just found your site. So sad,have carpel tunnel and cannot get treatment because I was in a wreck. 2 in 1 1/2 years. But I hope to find treatment soon and paint again. Too litigious society. I cannot wait to order my paint and wax,meanwhile I’ll watch tutorials. Love your site!

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