…winter project

What have I started? I feel the need to say “mayday” and get someone to come in here and help me! Upholstering oneself just sounds intimidating, but I think it’s also something that everyone would love to know how to do just because it’s so useful & also darn expensive to have done.

Here’s what I started with. A nice shape, but not sure that peach color is too universal.

Then the autopsy started. Hmm..looks like a whole other chair under there.

Confusion from everyone as to what the family project is today. Fiona, no this does not mean you get to disassemble the chair in the living room. You may know Fiona’s work from projects such as Bathroom Door:

I can say with some level of certainty that creativity is alive & well in the Bensten home. Do I see pride in her eyes? The is a first in a series we’ve labeled Fiona’s Room 1/1.

Am I seeing hay?

It was at this point that I was thinking the color peach might have not have been so bad. gulp.

I’m always excited to finish any project because I get such delight in finding the new purpose. This felt different. Intimidating. Disastrous. Over-whelming. I went inside. I washed my hands. I pour a glass of Prosecco. I know the chair is out there cooling in the belly of the garage. Waiting for me to return and finish what I’ve started.









  1. Haha love the family inspection!

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