…work-woman’s table

The term leaving well-enough alone just does not apply in my world. I think I can always do better. I purchased a really special workmen’s table from MMS right after The Luckett’s Spring Market this year. I heart tables like this because I think they can be used in most rooms or pulled out when you need a good lemonade stand. They are old so you really don’t need to worry about a table like this getting dirty or scratched…or very, very sticky.

Here is what it looked like when I had it moved to my home.

IMG_8930 IMG_8933 IMG_8911 IMG_8909 IMG_8908

Gorg, right?

I love the perfectly rustic wood showing through the thin layer of paint, the chunky knobs, rough surface and straight legs. Perfectly farm-like. I was just not convinced of the blue color. It was lovely, but the blues in my home are more turquoise. Every room connects to the foyer so I wanted to make sure that this entry table did not distract from the look I was trying to create.

It’s funny, but the more chaotic my home is with the kids on summer break, the more projects I want to dig into. My brain may just need a place to escape to that does not involve swim lessons and scooter races. My foyer table painting project was an impulse on a Saturday afternoon.


This is sometimes how my projects come about. Sometimes I just need to kick off my shoes, grab some paper towels and my brush. As you can see I didn’t even make time to move the piece outside. Sometimes there is just no time.


I started by painting one swipe of my Country Grey. I loved the look of the wood coming through so this was not working. I took one of my Minion paper towel sheet and wiped in a downward motion.


Oh, yes. Much better. I like what is happening at this point.


Do you see the difference? It is more muted. However, I still see blue. Must repeat process.


Here you can see that I repeated the process until it read more white/cream. I then too my block sander and sanded the surface as well as the edges. I’m happy with how it all turned out. I achieved a really rough look, but lighter which works well in my home.





I do not mind some of the blue showing through because it does not look like an all blue table. It looks worn and loved as it should.



I should also mention that this is where my ringneck birds and French chicken wire cage will go. Not sure how Owen-the-cat will react.


  1. GAYLE JOLLUCK says:

    The blue was gorgeous…and all blues go together!

  2. While I love the original blue color finish, I totally agree with you on the change. This looks so much better with the color scheme of your home. Beautiful!!

  3. You sanded in the house? Brave girl. It came out great

  4. Love!!! So much better with your home. You are so talented…

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I have a need to paint (like the walls in our house)& have a table & chairs set I’ve been wanting to paint but get nervous about painting furniture. I found a video of you painting a pedestal table which is a lot like the one I want to paint, which led me to your site. I love all your step-by-step pics & info!

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