…working in winter

I do a similar post every winter. It’s tricky. I love painting outdoors and letting my kids play around me and listening to music in the fresh air. In winter this is just not possible. I have a little heater. A very little heater that I use in my garage, but there are times when it’s just too cold for me and too cold for the paint.


As you probably know, paint freezes. If you try to paint with cold paint it will literally freeze into little ice crystals on your piece. It is not worth even trying. Here are some pointers for painting in winter.

1. If you need to paint in a garage, buy a heater.

2. If you are painting outdoors or in a garage, make sure you keep your paint can inside where it is warm until you are ready to paint. This will insure that the paint is not too cold.

3. If possible, bring the whole show indoors. Use drop clothes and move your own furniture to make room.

If you come over to my home in winter you will most likely see other people’s furniture in every open space in my home. The kids ignore it, which I always find funny when there are mirrors in my dining room.


Working inside is sometimes my only option. Right now I have a full garage of pieces for clients and one by one each piece is coming indoors where is is warm and cozy. I realize this is not do-able for many people. If painting indoors is not possible and it is too cold outdoors, we need to pray harder for Spring!




  1. Thank you for this post! I will show it to my husband as soon as I get in the front door! He feels sure he is the only man in The entire world who has to trip over other people’s furniture to get a beer out of his own fridge!

  2. Haha.. My husband thinks he lives in a furniture showroom 🙂

  3. I also work with a heater in my very cold workshop and I had the problem that one day I came in and found the tabletop I painted the day before littered with crazes! What a bumper! The paint dried quickly on the surface while it was still warm from the heater. But the deeper layer took longer to dry… Such a crap, since that day I usually keep the heater on for a longer while after being finished with my work.

  4. I am a new follower and cant get enough of your work! I love your style! Where did you purchase your dining chairs from? There so amazing

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