…you have a choice

I say this line to my kids all the time. You have a choice. You can either a) choose one of the snacks that I have packed for the care ride or you can b) not have a snack. I read all those parenting books and this was a common theme. If you give choices then your child will feel like they have a little bit of control. Who doesn’t want a bit of control?

I get the same questions all the time: “I have little kids and I want to paint my kitchen table/nightstand/coffee table/chairs. How will Chalk Paint hold up.”


I think when embarking on any art project you have to think about what you are doing before diving in. In my opinion, the Chalk Paint and milk paint look is meant to be shabby and aged and cottage and European and delicate and worn and loved. If you are looking for a polished look, please look elsewhere. It is meant to be different. It is meant not to blend. It is meant to appear aged. AND IT WILL HAVE BRUSH STROKES.


The other thing that I will say is that all furniture wears. I think some people think that painted furniture is just supposed to last forever and ever, but does your other furniture get scrapes and nicks? Yes? Well, yes to painted furniture too.

You have a choice. If you love the look that these furniture paints provide then it is a good choice for you. If you want to have a piece that will not wear and will stay as pristine as you can make it then pick another type of paint or even stain. And then put it in a room and lock the door and never let anyone in to use it 🙂 Joking. Kind of.


I was talking about this very thing with an interior designer this weekend. A distressed piece looks more custom and in turn more high-end.

If you embrace the worn look it is a good choice for you.



  1. Lorraine Desrosiers says:

    Hi Christen! I like read your blog. Tank You !

  2. Christen,
    Thank you for this post! People are always asking me how chalk paint and milk paint wear. And I always tell them…it wears. But it wears beautifully. I think we are all way too fixated on perfection. I wonder how much saner we all would feel if we thought of each scratch as a “memory mark”?
    All the best,

  3. Debbie Green says:

    Hi Christen!
    I absolutely LOVE your blog and everything you do! I also paint furniture and my business is called Green Nest Decor. (I have a FB page if you’d like to check it out ;).) You are such an inspiration and I can’t tell you how many clients I say almost the exact same words to on a daily basis. I’ve actually turned down jobs because if a client is looking for a perfect, sprayed finish they will never be happy with my work! It’s just not possible with chalk or milk paint! I embrace the look and I make sure that the client knows what to expect. In fact, the more distressed the better to me, because trying to make it perfect is no FUN! Thank you for writing this!

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