…building a business: hiring

There comes a point in a small business where you have to choose how big you want to grow and how hard you want to work. It’s really not as easy as it sounds especially if you are in the same boat as I am and are a mom first.


If your business is really blowing up and you find yourself working every minute of every day then it’s probably time to hire someone.

Hopefully, if you are working this hard you are also making money at what you are doing. (If not, it’s time to slow down a bit and be patient until you do some selling. Just trying to be honest.) You then have the funds to allocate to some help.


Maybe this means hiring a babysitter a few days a week to watch the kids so you can work. Maybe this means hiring someone that you can train to help you. Maybe this means hiring someone to help you move or stock your wares. Maybe this means hiring a sales clerk if you have a brick & mortar presence.

If you are ready to hire someone, it means you are all in and giving this business  a real try. You will be producing more, you will hopefully be selling more and so the cycle goes.


I, personally, have come to this fork in the road many times and continue to. I try to be a good observer of those that have gone before – those that are the friends that I’ve made in this business & people that I admire & respect. How are they doing at their go of it? Does my life look like theirs? Could I make that work? I have been very blessed to have been offered some amazing & wonderful opportunities. Yes, I could have hired a few people. Yes, I could have been a part of a shop or a barn or Lucketts or Chartreuse or Stylish Patina’s barn. Yes, I could have said yes to more projects; more jobs; more people; more furniture; more sales. Do I say yes because I’ve been given a choice? Or do I say no or not right now because I’m paying respect to what I feel is right and true. Thanks for letting me process 🙂


I love that as adults we get to make these choices for ourselves. If more is your “Yes” then congrats & much luck to you. If “No” is your yes at the moment then feel good about getting to make the choice.



…faborite things friday: zentique

Zentique is a brand that you should know about. Several companies sell their products that look like reproduction antiques. Here are a few of my favorites:



Sharon, this chair has your name written all over it.



Who doesn’t need a few extra ottomans for seating?


Simple & classy hurricane.



Hello, grain sack.



I receive an email about my large clock almost every day. Here is an awesome one!

Zentique has large casegoods & really cute accessories. I think their pieces are worth a look & the price.


…building a business: snowflakes

“Be who you are. Everyone else is taken” – Oscar Wilde.

images (1)

I think we all can gain inspiration from one another by seeing the creativity in people around us. It’s really inspiring to walk into an art gallery or studio or home or beautiful shop. We can appreciate what others have presented and the product/s they are selling and displaying.


I would challenge you to look a bit harder when in these spaces of your colleagues or studios or homes. What will you find? They are not YOU. I think it is so interesting that what we find is true in our personal lives also translates to our small, creative businesses.

Just like a snowflke that has no other match, God made you alone and what better way to honor that gift & yourself, but to show it in your work. I think it’s what sets special artists apart. They are staying true to their history, their circumstances, their taste & their talent.


What is your history?

I spent my childhood at the foot of my dad’s stool in his studio watching him bend & create jewelry. When we traveled we went up to Queens where I was shown his father’s studio and the many amazing creations he designed. It feels very natural to want to have a studio of my own and create with my hands whether it’s in paint or clay, etc.


What are your strengths?

I have always been obsessed with my space and the job of creating a cozy environment that reflected my personality. Books, art, cushions, textures; accents with a story behind them. I get excited just thinking about it. I also married a man that loves to build & work with his hands. We designed & built our house to suit us. We love working side by side to create something sustainable.


What is your circumstance?

For me, I have 3 kids and they will not hide behind me during my endevors. I want them up front learning the process and watching me. I want them coming to buy the paint and shop at flea markets and decorate the house. We have made our house into a project bigger than just building a home. I’ve created a business from it and I want them to see my passion.


You may need to benchmark when starting out and observe how someone else is doing it. But, I challenge you to dig deeper by moulding your business to who you are. You have something new & interesting to bring to your work that no one else can. You have a unique history & circumstance that no one else has. How can you incorporate that into your craft? Maybe you traveled as a child. Maybe you have a physical handicap. Maybe you grew up on a farm or in the city. Maybe you lost a loved one. Maybe you inherited your Grandmother’s special tea set. Maybe you had a nickname. Maybe you had a large family.

Good or bad – how can you incorporate who you are into what you do. The shape of us, chinks in our armor can only benefit us. I believe this will make our endeavors more successful, more personal, more lasting.