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Sometimes I am out and about with friends or family and someone references a post that I’ve written. The first thing I think is “Wow! You read my stuff! Thanks!” The second thing I think is “Gulp. What else have I spilled my guts about on my blog that you’ve read.” It can feel really safe and cozy typing from behind my computer in my little nest here. I love it and I feel a real freedom in it. However, I’m not always sure if people out there are going to understand where I am coming from, my sense of humor, my humility, my volunterability, my vitality…me. It sometimes makes me scared to be honest.

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Oh, but there is that word: honest. Honesty. If I can be honest then I don’t have to hide. If I can say, “Here I am world,” then I don’t have to worry about trying to be something I’m not and say the right thing and wear the right thing and do the right thing. What if I let it all hang out or quite a bit of it hang out, how will this help me? Will I be scared at what I’m saying is received? Why, yes. Sometimes. But, my hope is that I can say, “Welp. That’s me.” And what I need to know is that if someone thinks differently then, “Welp. That’s you.” Ahh, freedom is good.

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The same goes for you if you are doing something creative, whether you write about it or not. You do your craft, you show it to the world, some like it, some want to BUY it and put it in their homes – I think this is the ultimate compliment. Oh, and some don’t want to buy it because it just doesn’t work for them and that is their freedom. This does not mean that we are not worthy and our work is not beautiful. It does not mean we should run away and hide our light under a bushel.

Not everyone is going to understand everyone. We just need to convince ourselves that we are okay and what we put out there is okay. If this is hard for you, I totally comply with the saying “Fake it ’til you make it.”

Wishing you peace & freedom in your work today, Snowflakes.



(Greta doing tree pose at age 4. Proud Mama.)


  1. Great post : ) So true. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your children are beautiful! I personally don’t like to put it all out there but that is just me. I am a private person even in person and all I use my blog for is to post my work. But I love reading a good honest blog so I say let it shine! There will be people out there that don’t “get” you but that happens whether your on the internet or in person. To heck with them…be free to do as you like and don’t worry. Let it shine!

  3. Kristen says:

    Thank you…

  4. I appreciate this, I actually quoted some of your statements in my journal today….
    Ps adorable pic of Greta….

  5. I have wondered the same thing, how will I be perceived through my blog by those who do and do not know me personally. I agree though, if we are simply being honest, we have nothing to hide and should feel proud of what we have put into the world.

    I read a fair amount of blogs and the ones I continue to come back to on a regular basis are the bloggers who share honestly. Life is not a perfect picture like an Instagram photo, sometimes its messy, complicated and un-pretty, the people who share the various facets of their life are the ones I can relate to and desire to communicate with.

    This is how I approach my sharing in hopes of creating REAL connections with people far and near. Thanks for sharing honestly.

  6. Have I told you this week how much I love that you speak to our hearts? Thank you for this post and series

  7. Love that your rockin’ the crocs! I love mine, thought I was the only croc lover left. Lol 🙂

  8. I think we all love you cos your real!

  9. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much 🙂

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