…Tuesday Building Series – Building a House

Love a Tuesday trip down Memory Lane! This was part of the renovation that we did on our very first home 11 years ago. Ah, young newlyweds finishing a basement. My very dear husband, Brent, literally finished this basement from yucky bottom to cozy top. He did all this framing with his very hands. What twenty-something knows how to do that?

I still get nervous looking at those stairs.

Ahhh, nothing like drywall going up to make a space feel like a home. Of course we had to design space for a flatscreen & my bookshelves. Check out all those wires. Yes, that is DH wiring for all the electronics by himself. Where did he learn to do that you may ask? Good question.

Birkenstocks & a paint roller. That was the first 5 years of our marriage. I loved it.

I still remember the name of the paint color we used. Champagne.

I’m not faking it. I was tired. While some couples our age were out dancing & drinking, we worked late into the night.

Cutting, Nailing. All. The. Trim.

What a handsome fellow. Have any questions for Brent-the-Builder? Post to my site and he will answer. I’ll post his reply next Tuesday.


…Tuesday Building Series. Building a home.

So, I told you I’d start at the beginning with Blue Egg’s Building Series and the beginning was buying our very first home 10 years ago (we have since built & moved a few times). It was owned and lived in by the previous owner for 50 years until we got out hands on it. People, this house needed so much work and I’m not kidding when I say we spent every weekend at Home Depot.

This was the scary basement that I didn’t even want to enter. But, DH swore he could finish it….and he did.

Starting with the basement bathroom. I’m talking plumbing and wiring.

What a strapping, young 20-something.

We then quickly moved onto framing the entire basement. Did I marry the right guy or what?!

Have a framing question? My DH is open for questions on Tuesday Building Series Day. Post one and we’ll answer tomorrow!

PS – I have an exciting announcement that I’m going to make on Thursday involving something exciting, beautiful & practical!