…favorite things friday: vacuum love.

My new vacuum goes under the category of “Where have you been my whole life?” Like, I’m not sure I could ever live without you and what have I been doing trying to clean with anything else?


Fiona may feel the same way.

As you know, we had our hardwood floors refinished this summer. It was a long time coming with three kids, a 100 lb lab and cats…and chaos. The floors were totally scratched and worn. In order for this not to happen again we knew we needed a new vacuum. We had a Dyson, but it totally scratched even when on the wood floor setting. Not worth it.

We did our homework and decided on a Miele. This vacuum is not cheap, but it pays dividends.


You can buy most places so look for a deal! You will not be disappointed. Happiness is a working vacuum that the children & husband actually think is fun to use.




  1. You are so cute! We have a shark, which I LOVE and it’s starting to fall apart, sadly. We have laminate floors, so they don’t get damaged in the same way as hardwoods. kind of better in some respects and worse in others. They never look CLEAN though. But that might be the four kids. 🙂

  2. Kim Ristedt says:

    love my Miele! May it be a long love affair like mine!

  3. I hear you, after years of trying and trying with various Dysons that gave up the ghost when faced with the fur from my three lovely cats, I’ve had my Miele Cat and Dog (Dog and Cat?) for about 5 years. As you say, quite a hefty price tag, but amazing suction. The three cats have gone to heaven and now it copes brilliantly with my two chocolate labs that shed like crazy.

  4. We have a Miele, too. I’m German, so I grew up in “Miele country”, and if it wasn’t so expensive, I’d have everything Miele, especially as their products just last forever. Enjoy vacuuming 😉

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