…clear wax review

Hey! There were many questions this week about clear wax. I thought I would share with you what has worked for me and a little overview in the hopes that this will help you and your projects.

Clear wax is white-ish and feels like candle wax. This is clear wax by Annie Sloan:



You can apply clear wax with a round wax brush found through your stockist that looks like this:


I have found these to be a little stiff and prefer a clean, lint free rag. I use this:


The purpose of clear wax is to give a protective coating to your painted piece. You can use clear wax on top of most furniture paints.

You want to coat your piece thoroughly with your clear wax, but you do not want excess wax. Get a glob on your rag like this:


Push/buff the wax into your piece like this:



Make sure you cover all areas. You will know that you have not if you see lighter patches in your pieces. If you leave them the piece could look unfinished. Clear was will deepen the color of your paint and chance the texture from chalky to slightly smooth. Like this:


Feel how smooth it is? Just kidding.

You can also check out my YouTube Tutorial here.


Got questions? Email me.



…annie sloan clear wax with lint-free rag tutorial

I get  requests all the time to do more tutorials. A few months ago I asked you all what you would like to see. I received many great ideas! The problem is getting my kids out of the house long enough to tape something 🙂 I do get loads of questions about clear waxing with a lint-free rag since this is now my process and many people asked me to demo this. So I did.

You can check it out here on YouTube

Basically, instead of using a round, wax brush I now use a lint-free cloth. The process is much smoother and goes faster than with the brush. Apply in a horizontal motion and cover any bare spots along the way. You will be happy with the result using this method.

Problems viewing the video? Let me know. Thanks! Next Tutorial will be on applying gold leaf to your piece. Stay tuned.




…chalk paint refresher series: wax

The waxes made by ASCP are meant as finishers to your overall Chalk Paint look. You’ve done the painting & sanding and now are the final, but necessary touches.

Clear Wax

If you do not use the clear wax, your piece will feel like chalk and have a matte finish. It also will show ring marks, spots – in my experience. So, the purpose of the clear wax is two fold. To make your piece smooth and satin-like and to protect it.


What to use.

You can either use a wax brush or a rag…or your DH’s old t-shirt, which is what sometimes use! You can also use your wax brush. This works well on your flat, large surfaces, but I find that for drawers and smaller legs it is harder to handle. Note: when working with darker colors I tend to use my wax brush. Even if you are using a lint-free rag I find that you can still see particles. You will not see these if you use a wax brush.


How to clear wax.

If you are using a rag, scoop a good clump into your rag and apply liberally. As you go you want to press the wax into the surface. A back and forth motion is best as you will see the current of the wax on a flat surface. If there is excess wax you want to buff it – meaning go back and really press the wax in and wipe off as you go. Do not by shy on this step. Your color will deepen and in the areas where you miss you will see the color lighter. Go back and cover these spots with your wax.



Before it is dry, go back for one more buff. Take a dry rag and sweep your surface in a back and forth motion really taking care to smooth out any spots.

Let dry.

Be sure to let your piece set up and dry sufficiently. I actually like to leave it along at this stage for a day or maybe two. Certainly do not put anything on your piece until it is completely dry.