…old working table

I visited with sweet Marian from Miss Mustard Seed at Luckett’s the other weekend. She had some amazingly wonderful finds. I walked away, turning back a few times to eye a shabby table. I literally had just bought one at another tent, but it was a bit smaller and did not have drawers. After reading that she had not sold out, I emailed her to ask if she had sold the blue working table. She said she had not and so I pounced.

Of course coordinating shipping got a bit tricky and expensive, but it arrived at the end of the week and fits in well. It is large. It is chippy and it gives the foyer a bit more of a relaxed, farm-like feel. I love it.


Owen does too. Or maybe he thinks I’m just crazy.







I am now selling the black foyer table that I had in this space for many years. It is Graphite with gold gilding wax. Interested? Email me: cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

Listing for $225.



…luckett’s love.

What’s better than selling for three days at the Luckett’s Spring Market? Shopping!

I took the day off and headed out to Luckett’s with two of my most dear, kindred-spirited friends and we had an amazing time.


Check out that blue sky! Now that is a good outdoor shopping day. A free tote and water from the shop makes for a good start too. I arrived an hour before the VIP opening and there was still a huge line. Maybe 50 deep at 9am. But, everyone was sweet and kind as they are at these things in the beginning. The claws had not come out yet….j/k…kind of.


I passed by a super, old church pew that was tiny enough for any space. I looked at it and continued on for 5 minutes. I then realized that I NEEDED it. I went back and it had a big, old sold sign on it. WHAT?! It was on at this point.

I discovered one of the cutest tents of the fair, Old Thyme. Very cottage. Shabby, white and beautiful. This awesome piece below came home with me. I am a sucker for anything with cubbies or little drawers. It was some type of hotel/bell hop thing.




Check out the line at Miss Mustard Seed’s tent. She killed it. I stopped by Starbucks before entering the town and picked Marian up a few snacks because I knew she’d be inundated. She was!




Shame on me for not getting more photos of my favorite pieces that did not come home with me. I was too in the zone, Guys!

I did make it into the Design House for a quick peek and bought this. Who needs 10 lbs of string? A mom does!


The painting came from Sweet Clover. I heart a good landscape.


It was also a treat to run into several faces that recognized mine and gave me a big hug. I met the sweet couple from the Tattered Dragonfly that I had emailed with. I was thrilled to hear more about her new shop and that I had been a bit of an encouragement.

The boys in the pink shirts helped puzzle my wares into my car and I have another piece being delivered this week. DH does not really know about that Parisian cupboard coming! Ha!


This is a great, little farmtable that I found. I’m planning on sanding it down and using it as a foyer table where I will put my real, live doves (more on that soon).

All in all a wonderful escape. I was not sad at all for not participating. It was so fun to actually shop and treat myself. Here I am after 8 hours of shopping. A little sweaty, a little sunburnt, but very happy.



…favorite things friday – luckett’s spring market

I must admit that I am rather sad that I will not be a vendor at the 2014 Luckett’s Spring Market. As most of you know I had a bad accident at the beginning of December that took me out of commission. I told the folks at Luckett’s early in the year that I would not be able to participate.


In the past I have had such an amazing experience. I love being able to talk to others doing the same thing that I am doing, sell and of course shop! Last year I would have been frantic at this time and of course that means having the entire family participate in the Luckett’s process!


Fiona next to the Budget truck. IMG_0939



I really felt torn about going and feeling sad or not going. We ended up having other obligations this very same weekend and I took it as a sign. But, that doesn’t mean that YOU shouldn’t try to go!





If you decide to make the trek be nice to all the vendors because it is not easy to set up, sell for 2 days and tear down in the rain &  mud. It can be very messy, in fact. You will find so many cool things so it is worth going!

I still feel a part of the action because Luckett’s for the second year running has used images of my blue Union Jacks!


 Luckett’s Spring Market Info

  • Dates:  May 17th & 18th 2014
  • Times:  10am to 5pm daily
  • Location:  42350 Lucketts Road in Leesburg, VA 20176.
  • Event Type:  Outdoor market selling antiques and vintage items; open rain or shine.  Field parking.
  • Number of vendors:  170+
  • Admission:  $7 per adult per day (children 12 and under are free; NO PETS PLEASE).  No fee to park.

Have fun & I will see you next year! xoxo