…oh, you guys…

…are just the best! You wrap me like a warm hug and tell me it’s okay to rant and it’s okay to be me. It means more than you know! My intentions are always to offer information, guidance and inspiration. I am a curious person by nature and when I have an interest I want to look at it from all angles and not limit myself – especially when it’s something that I’m trying to achieve creatively. I would dare to say that limiting yourself or looking at things as black and white only makes your view of this world more narrow and, rather, strict. I’m so over rules! Aren’t you?!

Now, onto something more fun. Guess what this Friday is? The start of the Luckett’s Spring Market! They started opening the gates last year for a VIP Friday and will do the same thing this week.


Why do they need a VIP day?

Well, there is so much great stuff amongst the 177 + vendors that shoppers want a shot at collecting all the unique items before things get too crowded. You have to pay for a ticket, which is $40, but it is truly worth it.

I will be there and can’t wait to add to my collection of so many things like: birdcages, old ladders, wood bowls, baskets, pillows, shoe molds, rusty buckets, and the occasional large piece of furniture that I just can’t turn away from. Here are some of the goodies from last year.






The vendors work so very, very hard to offer really amazingly cool items. This is also the fair that Miss Mustard Seed sells at and her tents always have a huge line as you can imagine! Her wares and attention to detail make her space so special. It is not to be missed.

I will most likely be wearing something like I wore last year that let me be comfortable in the heat. If you are there and see me, please come say hi! I will be the one running from vendor to vendor with my fists full. I loved meeting Danielle from The Tattered Dragonfly last year as I was picking up a vintage phone for my son. We got a good laugh about the little pew that I had my eye on and later discovered that she was the one that bought it!


You may also see my cute friend, Sarah, hugging a trellis or Hoosier Cabinet:)


Oh, and bring an empty car or better yet, truck! They also have deliver people that can get items to you if needed so don’t let that keep you from buying something big. Dylan from DMV Deliveries will be milling around!


If you cannot make it to the VIP day then do try to come Saturday or Sunday. Even if it is wet, it is worth it. Just bring your boots and umbrella. The vendors will still be there selling their hearts out.

…blue egg q&a’s

Got questions? Email me at cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com. If you message me questions on FB it will take months for me to get through them. Email is best. xo

I have three pieces in my space at a vintage decor shop. The owner of the shop has asked me to pick up three of my pieces and give them an updated paint color.  So the duck egg blue, paris gray, and old white are not selling. I let the pieces “talk” to me and tell me what color they want to be painted. And now I am faced with having to paint them another color. How would you go about deciding what the new color should be if the color you painted them is the color you feel was the right choice for that piece?

I think many painters are faced with this same question when they have a shop or have their pieces in a shop. I know a seller that will usually repaint if the piece is not selling. Furniture is big and it takes up space so I understand the dilemma. I would ask the shop owner if she has a good idea of what color tends to sell in her space. Maybe you live in an area where people gravitate towards a certain style. Maybe the shop sells to a certain cliental. Look around and see what else sells in there. I think it’s always good to know how long a shop owner will keep your pieces if they are not selling just so you are prepared to make changes if needed.


Where should I look for furniture at? What type of furniture should I look for? I’m hoping to consign some pieces at a local store. At what point, should you become a business?

You can find pieces from your neighbors, Craigslist, Goodwill, the side of the street 🙂 I would say that you need to make sure that you don’t spend a ton on any raw piece of furniture if you are trying to sell it. Paint and your time is expensive so you want to make sure you put a bit of money in your pocket too. I always tell people to go slowly. Don’t quit your job to sell painted furniture. See how things go and if you are selling then wonderful! Keep working until you start making a profit that works for you.

I can’t find black wax and can’t order it. Anything else work?

Oh no. You can definitely order Annie Sloan Dark Wax online and many other companies, including MMS make a antiquing wax.


Christen, when you paint a dresser or anything with drawers, do you paint the drawers on the sides too? 

If there are beautiful dovetails then I want to see this craftsmanship so I will leave it. If the piece has a noticeable side and it makes sense then I will paint. It really depends on the piece.

My hubby thinks I’m crazy because i keep having him pick up furniture i buy off of a buy sell trade site and bring it home! I was wondering if you have any pointers for me!? Would you get a storefront? How much can i make? My dream is to stay at home with my kids and do something I love!

OH, I want that for you too! See above answer. Paint until you start selling pieces. If you are selling then keep selling until you are making a profit that you are comfortable with. If this grows then save up those pennies for your shop. Make sure you know what goes into this lifestyle and if you want/are able to support it.

I have a question I have an existing fireplace that I had painted white not with chalk paint so my question can I put the clear wax over any other paint.

You can, but I would be wary of putting wax on a fireplace. Wax will melt when in the sun or near heat. Brick around a fireplace should be fine if not too close.

Do you recommend waxing bathroom cabinets after painting?

Yes. You want some kind of coat/sealing on anything that has the potential to get wet.


I am from Australia so my question is where do I buy this paint and the wax and brushes?

I remember hearing a few years ago that she started selling in Australia. I recently received my Google Analytics page and Australia has one of my largest readership groups! You guys must be painting up a storm there 🙂

I was just wondering if you could advise how much you get out of a tin of annie sloan chalk paint.

If you are doing a standard 2 coats on a piece, like a dresser. It should be about a half a can of paint. If it’s a huge, large piece like I just finished, you could use up to 2 cans.



…mms answers our questions

Thank you so very much, Miss Mustard Seed for answer our questions about your Milk Paint. I know I can’t wait to use her paint on more of my pieces.

Here you go, Readers!


1.I know you say that the consistency should be like pancake batter, but when I mix mine I seem to get lumps and wetness.

Ha…actually, the consistency isn’t like pancake batter, but mixing it is like mixing pancake batter, if that makes sense!  When mixing milk paint, it’s best to mix it, then let it sit for a few minutes, so the powder can absorb the water.  Once it’s mixed, it should be fairly smooth, but a few lumps, like in pancake batter, are okay.  Glad you asked, so I could clear that up!

2. I still seem to get lots of drips even when it’s stirred well. Is this normal?

If the paint is dripping, it’s too thin. You can brush over it again, since milk paint is very workable as it’s drying, but I would suggest adding a bit more powder and stirring it again.

3. Is there a way to get more of a peeling/chippy look?

Yes, you can use Hemp Oil under milk paint as a resist.  The paint will chip and flake where the hemp oil was applied.  You can also use Vaseline and beeswax for different looks and even try applying heat.

4. Do I need to prep my piece?

If you’re painting a porous piece (raw wood, flat paint, Chalk Paint, stained wood, dried out wood, etc.), they you don’t need to sand or prime the surface.  If the existing finish is glossy, oily or slick, I would suggest lightly sanding it to give the piece some tooth and then add the bonding agent to the milk paint.  This will make it adhere to finishes that an all-natural paint won’t normally stick to.

5. How many coats do you typically do to make a piece look complete?

As with other paints, it depends on the color.  The whites usually take at least two coats, but can be more if you’re painting a dark wood or intense color.  In most cases, I can apply 1-2 coats of paint.

6. When should I use my hemp oil?

The Hemp Oil is a topcoat that can be used on any piece.  I started using it more when I was hacking trouble with the wax melting on my pieces at Lucketts.  Hemp oil is a great option because it’s easy to apply, doesn’t require buffing, it won’t melt and it’s 100% natural.  So, when you use it is a preference thing.

7.  I wonder, does the clear wax she has stop the chipping from happening once you’ve reAched a point of “omg it’s perfect! Enough chipping already?” Place?

We’ve actually developed a new product (that will be available in a few weeks) called Tough Coat.  This product will seal chippy pieces, so there is more control over the end result.

8. What is the difference between MMS’s wax and Annie Sloan’s?

I think the biggest difference between our Furniture Wax and other clear waxes on the market is the texture.  The MMSMP wax is a little creamier in texture and there is virtually no order.  In fact, it has a light lavender scent to it.  Our Antiquing Wax and White Wax were developed to use as a decorative finish, whereas other brown and dark waxes were originally designed to be a wood stain and wax in one.  I realized I was always mixing a little dark wax with a lot of clear wax, so it wouldn’t look too heavy.  When we developed our waxes, I wanted to address that issue.  Our waxes go on lighter, more like a glaze with the texture of a wax, and they are easier to control.  I think both brands of waxes are great, so it just comes down to preference.  I know lots of customers mix and match waxes and paints, depending on what they like!

Let me know if you have any other questions! – MMS