…a little story from the hospital

I must share. There is a very, very long text thread going on second by second, minute by minute in the Bensten family. It shows up during celebrations, funny events, sickness and now horrific accidents. It is the pulse that keeps everyone breathing. It is community. It is commuication. It is an end to isolation. It is very, very important to all of us. Praise to the inventor of text!

This came up mid-morning amidst updates about Bensten.

10:28 Text from Brent “BTW the doc’s name is Dr. God. I’m not making that up.”

10:29 Text from Brado “hahahaha”

10:29 Text from Brent “I did not realize. He’s been here the whole time.”

He’s been here the whole time.

Our eyes fail in the fog of trauma, but He’s been here the whole time. Just like the pink sky that I’ve woken up to each morning, whispering hope.




…bensten strong

The Blue Egg Brown Nest community has always been amazingly important to me. Your love and support continue to shine in the darkness of the horrible nightmare my family is facing.

I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in the support of a community.

Below is my immediate, Bensten family – yes, it’s a crowd. A very brave, strong, fiercely loyal crowd. #pray4bman


…pray like a little boy’s life depended on it

You may have heard via the news & Facebook about my nephew, Bensten, who was hit by a car outside of his house sledding in McLean, VA this week. He was flown to Fairfax Hospital where he is in critical care. He is 6 years old.

We need prayers desperately.

The Bensten family wants the world to hold him up in prayer. Pray & please help us get it trending #pray4bman